US imports of prime scrap grades jump in July

  • Thursday, 14:17 13/09/2018 .
  • More than half of the July prime scrap imports, 97,788 mt, landed in New Orleans, according to data released by the US Department of Commerce and International Trade Comission.

    Total July scrap imports were 484,747 mt, up from the June total of 412,827 mt. Shredded scrap imports totaled 70,065 mt, cut and plate grade imports were 17,629 mt, and HMS 1 & 2 imports totaled 37,018 mt, the highest volume of the grade imported since November 2014.

    Canada shipped the most scrap to the US, sending 310,326 mt. Mexico (49,726 mt), the UK (46,015 mt), and the Netherlands (31,168 mt) rounded out the list of top import sources.

    For the first time in three months, Sweden did not ship significant scrap volumes to the US.

    More than a quarter of imported scrap in July landed in Detroit, 139,049 mt. The other top destinations were New Orleans at 98,285 mt, Seattle at 86,535 mt (the most scrap landing in the port since October 2013), Buffalo at 42,595 mt, and Charleston, South Carolna at 31,895 mt.